The world of technology is changing at an unprecedented rate, with new and incredible innovation around every corner. For the average business, this presents unique challenges ranging from how to keep up with the technology, to competing with a service model that is radically impacting almost every industry. At PliantCloud, we are focused on building open architecture that leverages the best that the world of open source, cloud and emerging technology has to offer. We then provide those solutions As-a-Service, so that you can focus on innovation and your business, not on acquiring, managing and upgrading IT infrastructure.

PliantCloud is comprised of a suite of As-a-Service solutions, which are hosted within our datacenter, or alternatively, managed behind your firewall on Pliant Platforms on-premise OpenStack cloud. The PliantCloud As-a-Service Catalog leverages the most cost effective and scalable technologies that exist today to provide an unprecedented level of value, flexibility and control. Sign up for a single service or several to help meet a particular need, such as disaster recovery, corporate file sync & share or a managed voice over IP solution.



The PliantCloud Stack


Our As-a-Service solutions enable more agile, robust and flexible business operations that support rapid innovation.


Open Source & Open Architectures

At PliantCloud, we believe in the power of open source software and that it is clearly the center of the most exciting and disruptive IT innovation trends within the market today. We are actively involved in community building, education and public advocacy of open source. PliantCloud follows an open source first strategy wherever possible as a basic design principle for all services that we build and deliver. This allows us to stay at the edge of current market innovation and maintain highly competitive pricing, while also providing an open and transparent architecture.

Through our transfer-back program, we allow you to easily take back control of your environment should you desire to do so. Our desire is that you ultimately stay in control of your IT business, that we daily earn the right to continue working with you and that by working together, we enable your success!



The supportive underlying fabric and enabling technology behind each of our offerings, that provides you with the agility to accelerate solution provisioning and scale resources up and down quickly, flexibly and on-demand.



An open source, intelligent infrastructure that is flexible, dynamic, always-on, always available, enabling you to take advantage of the latest technologies and rapidly deploy workloads or provision resources. Comprehensive, proactive and adaptive threat protection and expertise across our offerings at speed and at scale.



Behind every great business process is a supporting application or platform. Our solutions allow you to standardize access and delivery of those applications to end users, while controlling critical data assets, all in an easy to consume, As-a-Service based model.



24x7 support and access to expertise across each layer of our stack. The combination of forward thinking engineers and leadership along with our transformational consulting through our operational expertise enables continuous innovation.